Monday, July 25, 2005

Contacting Me

Hi everybody.

This is probably the easiest place for me to give everyone my contact details, particularly considering the confusion this morning. I'll repeat this in tutorials just to be on the safe side, but here we go.

My email address is kveale@ Remove the space between the @ and gmail, since I only do that out of habit to avoid spambots. I check that address daily or more even more regularly (except where my computer decides to die if I'm not on campus, and I'm likely to mention such problems here [if possible] precisely because it'll be relevant to you).

My office is Arts 310, which is on the third floor of the Arts 1 building where Film tutorials are most regularly scheduled. The lovely Denise at reception will know where the room is if you don't. My office hours are immediately after the lecture on Wednesday, so I'll be available there from 2-3. If more tutorials are needed than the current two, this will expand to 2-4. However, that presently looks unlikely.

There are going to be occasions where I'll probably be in my office if you knock, and I'll write the more likely times this might happen up on a sheet for the office door. I will guaranteeably be in my office during office hours.

Feel free to make an appointment via email or by talking to me after the lecture, as this will give me a better opportunity to schedule if multiple people want to talk to me. As noted, I'll be in communication regularly if people send me emails, and I imagine I'll be checking this blog pretty frequently too.

- Kevin.


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