Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Notes on Blogging and a link

Hi everybody. I'm sending out new invites now that I've figured out how to, so we'll see how that works for people.

I imagine that next week's tutorials will be smoother, although there may well be some people who still need some help for whatever reason.

Because many people have expressed an interest, here is a link to the class blog from when this paper was run in 2003. (Link.)

I suggest you check it out to see how the blog was used in the past. There have been many questions about this, so I figure providing an example might help. Generally, we are looking for the same kinds of class discussion you will have had in other tutorials, but in an online format. Just because you're typing out your ideas doesn't mean we're looking to trap you into writing essays in disguise. Think of it more as thinking aloud.

If you've read the reading for the week, for example, there are many possibilities. You could comment about the fact you don't understand the reading and why, and questions you have that mean you feel the article doesn't make sense. You can discuss the lectures. You can comment on anything you may feel is interesting or relevant to the class, however flippant.

We're not going to penalise anybody for posting lots of things that aren't analytical. This is a community for discussion, and what is up for discussion is going to be decided by what you are interested in. Providing you do the occasional analytical piece too, that's absolutely fine.

If people wouldn't mind signing off each post with their name, that'd be brilliant. This isn't an anonymous blog/community, and it'd be great to be able to tie your ideas and perspectives down to Actual People [TM].

Be seeing you.

- Kevin.


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