Monday, July 25, 2005

Some links and commentary

Greetings to everybody.

Well, the first Monday tutorial wasn't as bad as it could have been, although there were some moments I thought it'd be easier to try ritual suicide again. I thought I'd include links here to some of the sites I discussed, along with some others I didn't have time for on Monday. This also means that the Wednesday tutorial people can get a head start if they wish and sign in early.

Note: These links will lead directly to target sites, so I recommend opening them in a new window.

The Strange Machine Project:

The genesis of this page was caused by an author called Warren Ellis who is heavily involved in graphic novels. Some of you may have heard of him, others may want to look him up. I like his work. The idea here was that he got bored and announced this project on his livejournal. People had one week to concoct a 200 word piece, or an image, or a soundbite or anything on the topic of 'The Future.' Then people had 24 hours to upload their contributions. I learned of the project because I was involved in it, and the resulting Project combines many elements that encapsulate the net as a whole.

On the one hand, there are some beautiful submissions of stories, images, songs and a few movies. All amateur work. On the other hand, there are pieces which are quasi-literate at best, and others which were posted repeatedly in the wrong format because they didn't read the instructions properly.

There are thousands of pieces, so if people want I can come in with a list of ones I'd recommend reading. Otherwise, have an explore.

The Dionaea House.

This is a piece of online fiction where the way the audience reads and interacts with the story is calculated to influence how they are affected by it. Have a read. The basic format is that you click Next on the page reached by the above link, and keep clicking forward. Eventually you'll reach a page, I believe called Updates, which branch out to other webpages associated with the story. There are different blogs by people involved, for example, and are worth exploring as part of the story.

Note: Since they are in the format of web journals, the blogs have the oldest posts at the bottom, so should be read from the bottom up. I'll be interested to see what you think.

Broken Saints.

This is a theoretically amateur site which comprises a long and epic flash-movie graphic novel. I say theoretically amateur because the quality is so good and has caused such interest online that the creators are now selling products related to the Broken Saints storyline, for example, DVDs of the films.

A graphic-novel is, as a quick description for those not familiar with the term, effectively a long comic. Where a comic is a short story, graphic novels are larger and typically aimed at a more adult audience. Examples would be Watchmen or V for Vendetta by Alan Moore, or the Sandman sequence by Neil Gaiman.

Again, this is a site which shows the lengths that Flash can be driven to if someone knows what they're doing, and is also interesting for the bridge between Amateur and Professional artistic production based entirely on popularity.

September the 12th

This is a Flash game which allows people to explore one perspective of the war on terror. This was a site I was introduced to by Jo Smith during Media Studies (FTVMS 100) last semester. It's a way of using the format of a game to explore a complicated idea, and to gain a response, one way or another, from the audience.

Chocolypse Now

And now for some comedy. I include this link because I thought it was funny, and because it comprises something else the net allows. Mash-ups are a term I originally encountered through music, where someone remixes two songs together to produce a very different affect than was intended with either song individually.

Here we have a fiction mash-up between Apocalypse Now and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

So there are some sites for people to have an explore through if you're interested. As I say, I'd be interested in hearing any responses you have to them. Otherwise, have fun.

- Kevin.


At 1:29 PM, Blogger Daniel Sadgrove said...

I couldn't make it into the tutorial today as my car was failing another warrent check. Is it sweet to turn up to the Wednesday one for this week?

At 3:44 PM, Blogger Kevin said...

I think it'd be an idea, but for future reference the Wednesday tute is looking like it's packed. There might not be a computer for you, but that shouldn't be a problem since you're already inside Blogger comfortably.

At 4:36 PM, Blogger mags said...

i dont know how to find the strange machine project. I want to have a read and look etc

At 6:19 PM, Blogger mags said...

i know that sounds rreeeeeaaaallly dumb , but im finding this blogger site quite hard to navigate and use - and so when you say youve included links, but there seems to be no visual link to click - i get confused!!!

At 6:21 PM, Blogger mags said...

oh my god ive just figured it out. how embarrasing. sigh.


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