Monday, August 15, 2005

gore and stuff

In tutorial today Kevin talked about the gore aspect of games, and the fact that people fixate on the visceral visuals that are offered up - like blown off knee caps and opened up chests, instead of thinking about the ideological hard-outness of such things. The way that people are horrified by the fact that young people want to shoot game characters in the head, rather than thinking on a lager and broader scale, about the fact we have an industry which feeds a global demand for simulated experiences of this kind etc etc. Just that it reminded me of and peoples desire to experience, view, take part in acts of (pretend) horror. It seems like it must be a natural thing to want to play out these fantasies, and I know that this is an argument already well established - that people, through playing out these desires let go of the desire or possibility of doing so in real life. Its also understandable when you compare it to going to a horror movie, the desire to indulge in your own fears is immense and kind of satisfying in a way which is hard to pin down. Being horrified and afraid in a situation where you are in control physically and pshycologically (because you know you are in a cinema experiencing something which is only fictional, but still powerful enough to absorb you), is a way i guess of messing around with the darker aspects of ourselves.


At 7:17 PM, Blogger Josephine said...

Horror films and terror in games can often reflect our need to feel fear or pain. Pain and fear are feelings people strive for when the world in mundane (same thing day in day out), fear, horror, death and excitement bring us back to life and enable people to feel something as an individual.

At 3:53 PM, Blogger mags said...

That is so so true!! how cool. It makes people aware of their mortality and I guess heightens and highlights the experience of life and living. Thats why it would be very intense and amazing to be a field journalist during a war. Horrific - but amazing.


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