Monday, August 01, 2005

New Resources for FTVMS 203.

Hi everybody.

I've uploaded, with Luke's help and a significant level of running back and forth to IT specialised before giving up and using his login, several files of interest to the FTVMS 203 Resources folder in the mac-lab.

Where to begin. Actually, probably the best idea is to describe how to get into the Resources folder in the first place.

Everybody should click on the background screen, without having opened any programs. Click on the 'Go' button within Finder, then highlight the Connect to Server button. If you can't SEE a server, enter in '' before pushing the button with a plus-sign on it. That should load it into your login's memory. Click Connect. It'll ask you for a password, but panic not. Type in the same password you'd use for logging into the macs in the first place. If that fails, try your netlogin. If that fails, begin wailing and gnashing teeth. I'll notice and commit ritual suicide.

Okay. This process will hopefully bring you to a screen containing a list of folders. Drag the two ones marked FTVMS203 onto your desktop. There should be 'FTVMS203Resources' and 'FTVMS203 Drop Box'. Once you drag them onto your desktop, highlight them and hold down the Apple Key + L. This will make alias copies of those folders on your desktop, and those will remain when you log off.


With all of these hideous steps created, I can now actually tell you about the files I've uploaded. The people inside the Monday morning tutorial will have a precis as I've already discussed them.

The Maggott Has Nothing Better to Do Show:

These files are in their own folder, along with a disclaimer document which you need to read before playing them. The basic concept is that someone I know in the states became bored and began producing a fake radio show in MP3 format about five years back. His online persona at the time was that of an irritable alien warlord/emperor, so the radio show was in the format of an irritable alien warlord/emperor who fielded calls from the same people you'd expect to see call into any radio show. They're profane, escapist comedy, essentially, and may well not appeal to anyone who isn't me. HOWEVER. He's duplicated the format of what is now common through podcasting, but pre-empted it by many years. Also, he has become an accidental prosumer through these radio shows, as they've developed a cult following over time. Luke peripherally raised the idea of identity construction in online communication, so the Maggott Shows are relevant in terms of showing a developing online persona.

There's a spread of shows, from the very first through to some of the most recent, so you'll be able to see the change in sound quality and the like over time.

Don Herdtzeldt - Rejected.

This is a short film about the cartoons an unfortunate Don Hertzfeldt made for a cable network in the US. It's presented as a pseudo-documentary, and I'm not going to spoil the end. The film remediates other forms of cartooning in different ways, and also the way that creators interact with TV networks.

Be warned, it's also pretty warped.

The Mother Hive Brain Infomercial.

Earlier in the blog I linked to "The Strange Machine Project." This film was a completely amateur piece submitted as part of the Strange Machine Project, just like other people submitted short fiction or art. It's an infomercial designed to be played on a future cable channel called ''

Totally amateur, startlingly professional in places.

The Fanimatrix.

This addition is in response to the 'Star Wars: Revelations' video Luke has discussed. This is a NZ equivalent, made for under $1000 (I believe) and shot in under one week in Wellington. The other aspect that makes this short fan-film interesting is its level of exposure. The response online was so large that the director was interviewed on TV3 news at the time, and the Wachowski brothers thought it was good enough that they began promoting it and the director's work. It even has its own entry within the Internet Movie Database.

So yes, have an explore, and enjoy. Feel free to discuss them on the blog, or to raise as topics in tutorial.


Okay, it seems that the Maggott Shows are playable from the Resource folder, although you will need to click 'Yes' a lot while the computer configures iTunes to play it. Similarly, the Mother Hive Brain Infomercial is available.

However, it seems that there are codec problems in accessing both Rejected and The Fanimatrix. At the moment, I'm not certain how to get around the fact I'd need to figure out how to install software onto each individual machine in order to get the files working.

If this remains a problem, I'll sort something out and try to play them over the projector during tutorial. If you want to examine them outside of class time, feel free, but you'll need to figure out what to install.

Sorry about this, it wasn't meant to be this complicated. Ah well.

- Kevin.


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