Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Tutorial Admin

Hi everybody.

This is just a quick note to say that having spent two weeks getting people logged into the mac-lab, connected to the net and all assorted problems, I'm not spending more time on it in tutorial time.

Aside from people who I have already spoken to who have legitimate problems, if you or anyone you know have not turned up to tutorials so far, you need to come see me during my office hours of 2-3 Wednesday so I can help you out. Otherwise you can turn up to tutorial and watch over someone elses' shoulder and join in discussions.

Two weeks of tutorials out of twelve weeks spent logging people in is more than enough, so I'm not going to continue boring the people who came last week and were sorted out then.

The only thing I'll do is to get the Monday tutorial connected to the FTVMS 203 Resources folder, and after that we're moving on.

Also: The Fanimatrix movie and Don Hertzfeldt's Rejected movie don't work, as I've discussed, and cannot be made to work, so I've deleted them from the Resources folder. However, I do have them, so if anyone has an interest, I'll show them to you in office hours.

- Kevin.


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