Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Innovative Timewaster

Something I've encountered over the last several days is a low-tech MMPORG (Massive MultiPlayer Online Game) called "Urban Dead."

Urban Dead

Basically, you make up a character to try and survive a city filled with zombies. You can try to do the sorts of things you'd expect in a John Romero film, while learning new skills and improvements. If you die, you turn into a zombie, and keep playing.

Yep, every single zombie is played by another human being. Refreshing, no? Also, the zombies can improve over time as well, giving an incentive to play them.

A fun, silly concept and because of the way it works, you can only do a certain number of things per day so it's not going to take over your lives.

- Kevin.


At 8:13 PM, Blogger Zhenwei Nie said...

I hope the zombies can play with each other as well ,otherwise if there isn't enough 'new guy' to be killed ,the swarm of zombies would be bored to death.


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