Friday, September 02, 2005

On Feedback

Hi everybody.

Luke and I have begun emailing out feedback on your blog-posts so far, although he's further ahead in the game than I am. I'm putting this information here so that you all know to check whatever email reference you provided when you logged into the Blogger site for the first time.

The other thing is that for a number of people, there has been difficulty figuring out who, precisely, you are posting as. We said at the beginning of the semester it'd be great if people posted as something directly connected to their name, but a number of people haven't.

Basically, if you get an email querying if you've posted at all and you have, don't panic, just send us an email back with your information so we can find you. As you can guess, figuring out which Actual Student [TM] is connected to MutantBudgie32 {here I lie to make a point} is a little problematic.

For those who have not been posting so far, the end is not nigh. There are still about eight weeks to go in the semester, and the goal of this blog assignment was at least ten posts *over ten weeks.* Putting them all in the last two weeks won't work anywhere near as well. Trust me on this. So there's still time for you to make a solid contribution if you make the effort.

Also, for future reference... If you're planning on making a lengthy response to a post, it might be an idea to make a new message and then link to the post you're responding to. The reason for this is that we've been finding it hard to spot some people who have posted good discussions in response to other posts.

Again, if you find yourself getting sent an email querying if you've been posting, and you've been responding a lot, say so and we'll find it. The posts on the main page are easier for everyone to see, so that might be an idea for future reference.

If there are any questions, you know where to find me.

- Kevin.


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