Friday, July 29, 2005

The beauty of simplicity…

So, while exploring through various websites provided in lecture and tutorial, I saw a healthy amount of real creative sites. Sites that were filled with sound and video effects, witty transitions, mouse-over applications, etc. But then when my friend casually told me to throw some pictures up on so he could see them a second, the site’s simplicity overruled many of the recent loaded sites I’d been to. In just a couple minutes, my friend here, and family and friends back in the States as well, were quickly in awe of my adventures in New Zealand! No flashy attraction or intensely clever site technology; one can make it as attractive as he desires with the creativity and originality of his own pictures. Content over presentation with this idea. For the fact that the presentation takes care of itself with your own original display of personal photos. May be old hat to some, but just a reiteration of the underlining benefits of the simple ideas that are often overshadowed by the ever-growing creative work that so many continue to generate on the web. The precious simplicity that allowed my family in Michigan and myself here to see the birth of a friend’s baby in South Africa, literally hours after her delivery. All without the wait for a flash application to download.



At 7:19 PM, Blogger Spivey said...

There is a point however when simple becomes to simple. The technology you used for your shots is great for those who dont have space, and fast yes, its also very "ugly" in terms of design and usability. It also doesnt allow for much more. Just for compairson, I have my own webspace, and use a free flash script to present my photos to my friends and family. I can have them up in litterly less than a minute after taking them. The downside being that you need to have some limited web design skills, or at least understand the langauge, as well as access to an ftp. (They have a total web client, but i find it chunky. Advantage not on that side) But the big advantage is i dont have ads or logged down uploading of photos. ( if you want to see it. The script was written by someone else and free to anyone who wants to use it. You could make it work on litterly any webhost. Its very simple yet still has a certian flair to it that i think far eceeds the "simplicity" of webshots. Just thought i would throw out some other forms that dont have to lose site of the technology we have out there, although you make a very great point in saying that it somewhat absurd to see the abuse some have made of using that same technology just becuse they can. Cheers.


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