Thursday, July 28, 2005 - Flash Portal

I'm sure plenty of people have visited Newgrounds at some point, especially fans of flash animation, games and movies. Even if you've never visited the site you are likely to have seen some of the content before. Newgrounds is a site that hosts games and movies, anyone can create an account and upload their own creations. However the site does have content control, users are encouraged to rate submissions and any new submissions which receive a 'blam' or low rating are removed from the site.
Many web phenomena have sprung out of newgrounds, the numa numa dance for example can be found on the site, in its original and many parodies.
The site does contain a fair amount of advertising, predominantly adult material because newgrounds allows adult rated content which other advertisers don't seem to like. Despite this advertising the site is still very user friendly, easy to navigate.
Content is sorted into many subgenres in games and movies. There are collections such as 'assasssin' games where you can hurt your most loathed celebrities, and collections of parodies on popular culture such as Pokemon, Harry Potter and Dragon Ball Z. There are also many series, some simple and humorous, others long, well designed and intelligent. Even the series Broken Saints, mentioned by Kevin, can be found on the site.
I'd highly recommend having a look around the site, and for those who are easily offended pay close attention to the ratings each submission has.


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