Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Flickr for photo hosting

I don't know if many of you have already heard about this but I thought I'd post it because I think it's the "bee's knees". Flickr which is a tool for posting photos online and sharing them. The nice thing about flickr, besides that it's handy for posting photos that you want to link to or display on websites, is that it also allows you to tag photos with keywords that describe them. This makes it easy to search for a theme and get a collection of photos that relate.

Additionally Flickr has groups, where people that take pictures of different things or in different styles come together to share their photos and discuss. Two of my favorite groups are the one that focuses on using low depth of field and the Auckland Graffiti group.

I've got my photos posted on Flickr posted over here including a bunch of photos I took during my year in Japan.

You can join up for free, I believe, and you get a monthly megabye limit that you can upload until or you can spend a little and get a gigabyte monthly limit.

The nice thing about Flickr is that it creates communities with a purpose. I've had friends who've used Friendster or other things like that and I've never seen the purpose. "Tagging" in conjunction with Flickr's use of the Creative Commons could also be a resource for artists who are into remixing other people's art.



At 10:51 AM, Blogger Spivey said...

Ill one up you by suggesting This has been around since the early 90's and is a very well rooted and developed web community. The community supports more than just your standard images, it supports art forms of all natures. Its a very intresting community site with a backbone of "deviations" that is longer than any other site ive ever been a part of. Its free to join and a great place to get feedback on work as well as just see your works on the web. Its a trully international site with members coming from every part of the world. It includes a sort of blog, forums, shoutboxes, image supports, moods, and a list much much longer. Enjoy.


At 5:00 PM, Blogger 米栗 - Michael Miller said...

I'm familiar with deviantART and even played around with it a couple of years ago but here are my problems with it, or at least what I think makes Flickr better.

a) Flickr has tagging. Being able to search for topics of interest really adds to the experience of contributing and sorting photos.

b) Flickr strong association towards public domain or CC licensing. I think this is a great step in these types of community sites in that they have a strong place for people to come together and actually share art for free.

b) Flickr does one thing and it does it well. I always felt that deviantART had a feeling of being confused and suffering from a randomness that I think inhibits the creation of the little communities that Flickr creates so easily.

c) The tone of Flickr is open to mainstream use. deviantART always had a feeling akin to LiveJournal (which the mood indicators kinda hint towards) whereas Flickr continues to maintain a less "I'm dark and angsty" feel to me.

d) Flickr allows me to create small personal groups that allows me to share photos only with my family or friends. It simultaneously open and private. Flickr I think is a good example of how these two concerns don't have to work against each other.

e) Flickr has RSS so I can subscribe to photos pools that I like.

At 7:13 PM, Blogger Childfree! It could have been so simple! said...

You mentioned RSS. I have subscribed to some websites with RSS but the only thing it does is, that it updates the Bookmark's. Is there something of an RSS reader you can recommend?

At 11:26 PM, Blogger 米栗 - Michael Miller said...

I use Apple, and have the latest version of OSX, Tiger, which has an RSS reader built in to Safari, the Apple's web browser.

I've heard good things about My Yahoo! for creating a webpage of aggregated content. I guess the nice thing about that would be that it follows you around.

As far as a program goes for Windows Pluck is really nice. Or so I've heard.

At 2:26 PM, Blogger Luke said...

I am a fan of the new Safari RSS newsreader. That's the problem with living in Apple's world. They make it comfortable enough that you can't be bothered going out and trying something different. My interest in open source software has divebombed since I decided that three's a crowd and there was no longer room in my life for anything wintel.

At 7:17 PM, Blogger 米栗 - Michael Miller said...

What about Mactel? ;-)

At 5:58 PM, Blogger Spivey said...

I agree with much of the agruments you make. However there are some keep points that should be noticed. First, deviantART is really designed for the artist in mind, something to protect intelectul rights, espically since in many cases, devaintART pages are designed with the goal of showing potential jobs your portfolio (I have done this for jobs) as well as protecting runaway art as it is called. (a major problem is other artists taking works and then reposting them as thier own, this is a violation in open communities but often overlooked as to what to do about it, while deviantART is EXTREMELLY good about guarding against this.)

DeviantART does have tagging, something that is being reworked at this moment as to improve speed being that thier database is far larger than flickr. The man who wrote sonique is currently doing this form them and should be amazing upon completion.

Other than that, yes, i would love to see RSS out of DA as well as some other things, in terms of other tools it offers though, I urge anyone intrested to go check it out since much has changed since they days they opened thier doors (ive been with them since fairly close to the start) and its nothing like it used to be. They do have to charge for some things becuse nothing comes free in this world, they need to maintain operating costs as well as make a little something on the side (for what they provide, i think its fair, even though i myself dont pay becuse of my lack of time for using the tool. would i have more time i would most certinly be a paying member) Ill do a little write up about the full details in the next couple days so everyone can become familer with the current DA.


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