Thursday, August 25, 2005


I dont know bout anyone else but its probably just me, but cyborgs are a very interesting topic. Normally you would think robotic when the name cyborgs get brought up I certainly do, (especially the likes of Terminator or Robocop). However when I was pondering bout cyborgs I certainly got the feeling of half human half robot. The fact that people have come up with this stuff is amazing, some would say crazy fair enough there are some starnge ones, however the concept I guess is quite revolutionary in terms of technology. But beyond robotic fantasies of terminator and robocop, you have that fella called StelArc, interesting bloke. He's in way a working example of technology and the body, his electricuting display is a great example, you can laugh and look on with amazement, or simply say that guys a "couple of sandwiches short of a picnic". However you look at it is in a way a very small stepping stone towards the notion of cyborgism. But what bout does apes that have human-speaking qualities on Planet of the Apes?, I guess they can fall into the category of cyborgs or not....who knows?


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