Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Mobile Technology

I received a 'junk' email from Nokia the other day and I finally decided to open it. It was advertising the new Nokia N90 (which was the phone that Luke showed us in the Lecture the other week.) I have to be honest after checking out the website and I was quite surprised at what a mobile phone can now do.

It has a video camera function, like Luke described, which allowed for the competition of short films made on the N90. The claim on the website is that:
"with VHS resolution, the Nokia N90’s video playback might convince you to enter your footage into next year’s Cannes festival."
It is a normal pxt phone but you have the ability to be able to edit your photos on the photo (which is great for those photos that end up looking different than when you took them.)

Also that N90 has a large internal memory and a reduced-size Multimedia Card that is meant to be able to fit a feature length movie. The last thing that I found interesting was that since the N90 has the video function you can make video conference calls. I think that this is an attempt to get back to face-to-face conversation that the telephone has replaced.

The N90 is not just a mobile phone it is a video camera, digital camera, photo editor and video phone. With the advances in the technology that is now able to fit into a mobile phone that only weighs 173g my question is at what point (if any) does the quality diminish. So while it may be convenient to have a video camera on your phone (that you will carry around with you anyway) if it has poor quality would it not be better to have a separate camera?

For those of you that are interested the website is really fun and allows you to 'experience' some of the features. You can also check out the other phones in the N series.


At 9:30 AM, Blogger Vasya said...

It just proves that the fashion at the moment is for these uber-devices an all inone personal computer/camera/phone. Japanese producers ahve been playing with concepts that Nokia seem to have perfected, but its tricky guess if consumers would prefer more data storage or a better camera. Samsung and Panasonic had a few failed models. I think


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