Wednesday, August 03, 2005

digital music and (il)legality in NZ

After Nabeel's lecture today I've spent some time looking up the NZ angle on mp3, file sharing, the ongoing absence of iTunes here etc. I realised that most of my knowledge of these issues is filtered through a US (and to some extent UK) frame of reference. Discovered that the NZ gov't are, in fact, looking to try and decriminalise those of us who rip a legitimately purchased CD onto a hard drive or mp3 player for our own personal use and assume we're not breaking any kind of law: yes, 'format-shifting' is technically illegal here, so keep that iPod / minidisc player etc. hidden from the culture police. They plan to introduce a limited right to make one copy for personal use (gee, thanks) but the recording industry is fighting it and asking that, if the law is amended, the government introduce a levy on blank CDs, iPods etc. to 'compensate' the industry (i.e. to compensate for something that is already happening as a matter of course: go figure). See this Stuff article for more...


At 8:27 PM, Blogger Kevin said...


The 'levy for CD-R related media' was instituted in Canada, and interestingly done long before the RIAA and local equivalents began throwing their weight around. This meant that when they tried to prosecute Canadian citizens, they were roundly informed that they had no legal basis for such a charge and could go hang their heads in shame.

I'll watch THIS little argument with interest.


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