Sunday, September 18, 2005

ringtone through infrared

Some of my friends asked me about how to download ring tones and images on to mobile phone, by using infrared. Usually, people just simply put infrared interfaces on both computer and cell phone into focus, and they think the cell phone and computer are connected and they would be able to send ring tones or images. But this is normally ends up with the warning message from the system, which says no infrared connection provide. The main problem for this is because they don't have complete set of products for connection. That is, they must have linking software for the particular version of their cell phone. For instance, my cell phone model is Nokia 6108. Before I download ring tone, I must download PC Suite 6.5 version connection software. This software is free and available on at least some of Chinese website. People could type their cell phone brand and version on to Google searching engine and specify that you need connection software. Assuming you have already downloaded software like this, you could find the location you want to load your ring tones or images. Then just right click you mouse, to save them to the place you want, say, desktop. After that, we could make connections, by aiming both infrared; the software we download previously will jump out automatically. Then make sure the connection is not disruption, and at the same time you find out where your want the download source to go on that software. After all these steps are done, you could enjoy your favourite ring tones and images just by drag the source you have downloaded (eg. the thing on the desktop)into the place you find on that software. However, be caution when you finish downloading, make sure the software is closed before your move your cell phone out of computers, otherwise infrared radiation will damage your body. Enjoy it!


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