Friday, September 16, 2005

read this before you vote

Hi there, before you vote tomorrow just have a wee read of this. Its so relevent. Its also so so important to think about how we want the future of this country to be. Its true that all governments are semi impenitrable, with issues like the business round table etc and every government having to pander to the interests of the big business dollar - but, our country is small enough that if we make waves about what we think politicians are affected.

Tax cuts are going to help you out next year, the year after - but for every action there is a consequence. Think about New Zealand like a person managing their lives - would you want to be in massive debt for short term relief? Would you want to undo all of the work you had done on the personal relationships in your life because you wanted to make sure someone who you had taken something from in the begining, was using your own systems and ways of personal governance to try and fairly sort the issue out with you ??

OK - so Im totally ranting and the whole nation personified thing doesn't really translate. anywhooooo - have a read of this much more eloquent blog entry.,


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