Wednesday, July 27, 2005

sharing some of my good news

Hi All,

I admit I have never used blog before, this is my first time. I know a friend of mine loves using blog. A good friend of mine has come back from China and brought back alot of gifts for me. It has brighten up my day. One present includes an electronic dictionary because he thought it would be a very useful tool to assist me in my stage three Chinese course. However the language is in Chinese which I am finding it hard to go about using it. He showed me his cool Nokia cell phone (the one one a camera in it.) I feel that taking digital photos from the cell phone is a great tchnology tool, but I would still prefer to take photos that can be kept in photo albums rather than computer of cell phones. Is it just me or does everyone else prefer photos in this way?


At 10:25 AM, Blogger Jen M said...

Yes, I much prefer photos this way... that way they can't accidentally be deleted or anything and you can always look at them and keep them in a pretty album!


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