Monday, August 01, 2005

Ads website

Here is a website for the public to watch many different kinds of ads which show on TV or in the cinema.
I found this web last semester when I was trying to do my research essay for 204. There might be some of you have already been on it. People can search and re-watch their favorite ads from here. The web likes a big file that contains lots of different types of documents. Different types of ads are classified here and they can be found through the starting letter. Otherwise, you can choose the top rated ads by the public. Miniaturization is the main concept has been applied here. All the ads are compressed and using Quick time or Windows media player for viewing. This web is not like the video blog though. The only way for people to express their feelings is by rating the ad. Thus it helps to gain popularity of the ads as well as the product or the brand.

Have a look and you may find your favorite ads!



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