Sunday, July 31, 2005

technoculture new media

technoculture new media

Alright, I came across this. It's some guys blog, who
hired out a stars wars movie, a chinese version with english subtitles. The translation from english to chinese to's hilerious.
I guess it has to do with language barriers, not really with technoculture. But I thought it was so funny I had
to post it.

Apparantly, according to the spot on translation, Star Wars episode 3 is not "Revenge of the Sith",
but "Backstroke of the West". I guess that gives you a hint of how accurate the subtitles are. I actually laughed, out loud.
Maybe don't read this alone in the commons.


At 11:55 PM, Blogger Chris said...

I know just the experience, I was watching a DVD which my friend lent me, it was in French, with english subtitles, but it was more like Engrish subtitles.
They spoke too fast for me to get a grasp of what they were saying, and the subtitles made me even more confused. Strangely enough, it wasnt pirated, or if it was, it was a very good reproduction. The translation on the case was in good english, except for a few quotes that were also on the cover.

Rebecca, you say that this might not have anything to do with technoculture, but I'd have to say that it does and quite a lot. The global community of the internet and where the most vocal and productive market lies, is in western or at least english speaking countries, so the demand for content in this dominant language has led to even media-pirates having to produce their copies with english subtitles, even when the main language is in english. ;-)

Perhaps I'll write about this more in proper post, but recently Google began the mammouth task of scanning the contents of a few academic libraries onto their website. One protest was that the continual dominance of the english language on the internet was becoming an issue for content sharing.

At 10:17 AM, Blogger Nick Smiths said...


the wish power are together with you...

At 12:07 PM, Blogger Kevin said...

Some of the funniest bastardisations of language I've encountered have been through the LOTR movies.

Hobbits were apparently 'Hoppits' throughout the entire series, with one dramatic exception.

In 'Return of the King,' there's a sequence where Merry and Pippin are eating salt-pork when they are discovered by members of their old Fellowship. At that point the subtitles proclaim, "Try the Hobbitt, it's delicious."

I laughed myself sick. I have access to truely terrible subtitled variants if people want to see some examples...

At 3:43 PM, Blogger Rebecca_emma said...

Please, please post them here. I'm still laughing.


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