Saturday, July 30, 2005

Connexion by Boeing, the future of internet possibilities

Connexion by Boeing is the latest in inflight entertainment and communications and takes in-flight media and data transmitting to a whole new level. The site for this new technology is and offers a corporate style overview of this new and exciting business opportunity for airlines.
Connexion is a high-speed broadband internet service offered by Boeing to its airline customers. Several major airlines now have the technology installed on their Boeing fleets. Airline passengers previously were able to access the net but it was not personalized to their specific requirements in that you couldn't use your own laptop on a private basis. Now with Connexion, passengers are able to plug in their laptop computers and have a secure personalized connection whilst in-flight. Connexion also allows passengers to use their laptop wirelessly or through a standard connection port on-board.
Connexion uses transponders located on satellites to connect passengers into the web and e-mail. In addition to this, Connexion is also able to provide efficient crew communication through panels in the aircraft galley which provide specific information about each seat and its passenger. Some say that this is an infringement on the privacy of the individual passenger. This would allow flight attendants to monitor passengers individually and potentially an anti-terror tool. Connexion is different from conventional IFE (Inflight Entertainment Systems) by being secure, private and live and up-to-date. It also uses a space-based network rather than a ground-based one which actually helps trim costs down. In addition to this airlines can also offer passengers access to company intranets and internal servers. Connexion keeps each passenger's laptop private and therefore through a VPN (Virtual Private Network) travelers can access bank accounts and other private information.
The technology to use live internet with personalized 'e-space' whilst flying can mean that as human beings dealing and living in the realms of ‘hyper-space’, we are now never away from the ever-increasing grasp of the internet which we can now reach (or which can now reach us) miles above the Earth. Perhaps this may pave the way for the internet to be used as a space communication tool. Connexion by Boeing is somewhat ironic. The internet was originally thought of as a device for communicating privately by the military and now it seems security and privacy issues are once again stirring a need for this on-line demand from an aeroplane by civilian users.


At 6:59 PM, Blogger Spivey said...

Its not long before the jetliners are fly-by-wire, then every kids fantasy from microsoft airline sims becomes a reality, and someone makes a 747 do a barrol roll making everyone of those internet connected business junkies lose thier lunch.


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