Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Virtual Air Traffic Control Training Software designed in New Zealand

Air Traffic Control training was once carried out by a dated system using wires and slow-moving cardboard models. Today, all that has changed for trainees wanting to take up the occupation of "pushing tin". This groundbreaking technology was designed with the help of Airways Corporation New Zealand, Animation Research Ltd. and Pathfinder Technologies. Animation Research Ltd (ARL) (www.arl.co.nz/home.asp) is the company who designs the graphics for this new ATC training system and their web-site provides an interesting look at the work they do as a company which includes designing graphics for high profile corporate clients and commercial institutions.
In addition to this the software developers, Pathfinder Technologies (www.pathfindertech.net.nz) outline their role in the development of this new technology. Virtual ATC technology introduces virtual photorealistic graphics, real time and can be configured to suit any airport in the world at short notice. The technology is now attracting overseas interest.


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