Thursday, August 25, 2005

Music industry and cellphone.

I just saw on HEADLINER today (TV One) that with the new introduction of music clips and real music ringtones being available on newer phone now. That cellphone industry is working closely with the music industry to offer music and content on cellphone and specialized music and items targeted for cell phones. The spokes person for the NZ music industry said it was good, because all the clips and ringtones are copyrighted, and that with ringtones for example the artist gets royalties, with the newer ringtones that actually play a small piece of the actual song, the artist gets royalties compare to a polyphonic ringtones where the song is just a copy of the tune, and the artist doesn't get any royalties. This is interesting especially because you cannot share or transfer ringtones or music clip between cellphone users. So there is a low risk of piracy

Is this way of portable digital music? , With the newest phone that come with 1 GB MP3 players on the cellphone. As Luke was talking in lecture about us caring our cellphone and I-pod around. Could we all just be caring one thing a cellphone and Mp3 player in one? That would only let you put on legal copyrighted music and ringtone?



At 5:16 PM, Blogger minnie said...

I agree with u that the music industry is now working very closely with the cellphones.It is possible for people for just caring one thing around. But i think people can still share and transfer music clips from there phone easily to another phone by blue teeth if they have in their phone and that doesnt cost anything. Will this still infringe on the aritists' right?? Also as the developing of technology, things are getthing more blurry on their edges.


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