Thursday, August 11, 2005

oh my gosh I spent half an hour typing up my entry and some technical thing happend to the computer, I thought I was the only one experiencing it but everyone else in my row is having the same problem. It is very frustrating, now I have to start all over again from memory of what I was talking about.

Yesterday I recieved a text message from Vodafone about video calling as everyone else did too. I thought since the various features of the mobile phone keeps increasingly changing why don't they also come up with a different name to call this new technology, after all it doesn't really describe a 'mobile phone'. The video calling also reminded me of 'The Simpson" the episode where a fortune teller was telling Lisa Simpson about her future. It was in that episode that I saw video calling, between Marge and Lisa. And now it is realistically available in our world. Quite fascinating.
Just last night I saw on the TV3 news about T3G. It has numberous functions like, access to the internet, video recording, video calling, texting, access to your e-mails, downloading, music and now watching T.V, your favourite television programmes, the news, sports and now even cartoons! It may all seem very fascinating and futuristic but however very costly for example, it ranges from $700 - $1000 (or just above $1000). I personally wouldn't purchase a phone that expensive. I guess this phone in particular is an entertainment tool all compacted in one.

Another thing, after I have read a few blog entries about text talk and language changing I would like to comment that text language is decreasing our knowledge in spelling words. Just the other day, I couldn't even remember how to spell a simple word, my mind felt puzzled. Has anyone else experience that yet? I think it can confuse some people when it comes to using specific words with their text language.
However, texting is fast and efficient, it enables you to communicate with another person say for last minute things, without having to directly calling them, like unable to meet up with them in the last minute (without having to feel so guilty).

Which brings me to another unrelated to phones, is that while inventors have been coming up ideas with new functions to put into cell phones why don't they come up with ideas on saving things that your typing say on this blog, incase the computer suddenly decides to blink out on you while you are in the middle of typing up your work. (I don't know if it's my fault for not saving what I'm typing at the moment in time or the fact that there should be some way of retreiving what i'm instantly typing on the internet like this blog.)


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