Thursday, August 11, 2005

The wonderful world of cartoons and a guy called Joe...

For me, cartoons these days just dont cut it. I remember the good old days of "The Chipmunks" and "The Snorks", when the pictures were simple and the story was simple. "Hello Snork A, would you like to come play with me?" "Why yes Snork B, let us frollock in the glory of the ocean with all our other snork friends". There was the odd occassion where they would have to save the 'special' one who couldnt talk (all he did was make snork noises, almost like blowing through a straw in a glass of high quality H2O) but other than that, the stories were simple and child like. These days its all "I'm gonna go up there with my spikey hair, big muscles (because I'm a child and thats what all children have these days, BIG MUSCLES) and special laser gun, and waste the big scary half human half monster thing that is about to destroy the earth and all that lives on it! YEAH!" (note: the mouth always seems to keep moving, even after the characters finished speaking) For me, its all a little bit extreme, but perhaps its because I am so used to the goodness that was...1990. last! I have found a website that has given me hope to re-open the long lost love affair with hume...huma... humorous entertainment. And it is all thanks to a man called Joe.

Joe...joe who? Wait a minute, is it...Joe Bloggs? No. He doesnt actually tell ya what his full name is. That's ok, we forgive him. The website is, and it is 100% goodness I tell you that!

It is based on a bunch of southern blue grass yokels from America. In this bunch of yokels are the people, who are retarded in all aspects, and the animals, who if not mouthing off and calling you all names under the sun, are being electrified in light sockets, or fried in microwaves. It sounds sick, but I think what makes these characters and their scenarios funny is their "freshness". They are fresh country yokels, always at the wrong end of the bargain.

The site gives you various cartoons to choose from, including a list of the Top 10 most popular (counted by the number of hits it gets) or a categorised section, such as the Gerbil cartoons (and I'd have to say these are the pick of the bunch). You can also download screensavers, icons, sounds and wallpapers, and they have a whole bunch of other stuff, such as comics and an online 'shop' to buy joecartoon merchandise. Good times, good times.

What else can I say about this site? I think its a great laugh, but its definetely for those who have a sense of humour. Its hard to describe what kind of 'laugh factor' it has. Some of the cartoons left me in tears, while others were just retarded (like it was missing a point, and I think that was the whole purpose, maybe I'm retarded and don't understand). Most of the cartoons miss the point anyway, in the sense that, they're completely not what you thought they were going to be, but after a few watches you get the jist of it, and come to learn that just really bored and wants to amuse both us and himself.

So do enjoy what you watch. Its well worth a look, and let me know what you all think of it.
Happy watching!



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