Sunday, August 07, 2005

Technology means waking up can be more fun!

Hey I thought this was interesting….Even alarm clocks are getting more advanced. If you’re anything like me ( a big sleeper) you may wanna check this out.
An article on the New York Times website-
caught my interest in how everyday things are getting more advanced to suit trends and lifestyles. Phillips, American Innovative and iHome have all made digital alarm clocks that make waking up in the morning more fun.
Phillips Shoqbox uses a flash-memory chip that stores your favorite songs in MP3 or WMA, so that you can wake up to music you like, rather than radio ads or an annoying buzzer. If you do want the radio, you can preset up to 10 radio stations. You can also hook up an iPod or CD player into it.
iHome’s iH5 also wake you up with your favourite songs. You hook your iPod into it, enabling you to wake up to songs on your iPod. See
American Innovative’s Neverlate is a seven-day alarm clock which lets you set a different waking time for each day of the week, so you don’t need to reset your alarm clock everyday. You can’t wake up to your favorite tunes tho, but the clock does feature snooze, sleep and nap timers which you can set. Check out:
I guess these new alarm clocks are an example of something you don’t really need, as you could spend a lot less money on an average alarm clock, but you may buy one because it makes your life easier and little bit more pleasant. They make ordinary alarm clocks seem dull and old fashioned.


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