Tuesday, August 30, 2005

weird weird weird

I watched an American talk show today, called Howard Nelson or John Nelson or something like that. Just a really cheesy standard talk show, but the content reminded me of the war game we looked at in the lecture Jo gave us on computer games. The subject of the talk show that day was kind of 'lets convince yo mumma that going to war is the right career choice'. The whole thing was basically about pressuring mothers to surrender to their sons and daughters who wanted to go into the military. They had officers on hand who would swear in the new recruit on the spot on live television, and the host, the Howard guy, would just repeat over and over 'you have given your son the biggest gift a mother can give' - to the women who would just stand their trying not to ball their eyes out. It just reminded me of the grotesque glamour that is being associated with warfare, how lost amongst all the levels of media the realitys of real war have become. Im sure thats what people realise once they get there. that all the hype and all the ways that one has been filled with an ideal that they are doing something 'for god' or 'for their nation' becomes a bit of a lie.


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