Sunday, August 28, 2005

Singing Karaoke online

The traditional Karaoke was based on the digital technologies of television and the laser disc. In order to sing a song, people have to buy the laser disc and play it in the VCD/DVD player. Comparing with this, the online Karaoke makes our entertainment life much easier. You don’t have to buy a VCD/DVD player, you don’t have to buy dozens of laser discs, all you have to do is that have a computer, buy a microphone and connect it to your computer.

I would like to recommend this cool Karaoke online website,, it contains a song library with 16 genres. You can find almost all the popular songs here with both instrumental version and vocal version, but remember, kSolo is only compatible with windows XP/2000. On the other hand, in order to sing the song fluently online, the computer must have a broad band internet connection.

The online Karaoke is an example of the rapid development of the digital media. It makes our life more and more convenient.


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