Monday, August 08, 2005

Who will be my current affairs eye candy now? The Holmes show has been dropped!

This morning it was announced that Paul Holmes and his show Holmes has been dropped from the T.V station Prime.
On it's first airing, the show held 12% of the viewing share*. But then ratings kept plunging lower and lower, much like J-lo's next neckline, until Prime scraped the show. It's main downfall has been put down to viewing routines. That people are creatures of habit, one of which is to sit and watch the news on television at 6, and if time allows, watch a current affairs show at 7. For many years, the news have had two key channels to choose from - tvone, and tvthree. Holmes was a current affairs show, held at 6. It was on the station Prime, which you have to programe in to view. My Gran adores Holmes, but didn't programme prime into her television. Alot of older people do like Holmes, but not all have easy access to prime. This would have resulted in a decrease of dedicated viewers. But of course, the publicists haven't said Paul Holmes himself, was was a major part of the downfall.

Personally, I've never been a big fan of Paul Holmes. Honestly, I thought he was/is an annoying little man with disolusions of grandeur. I'm gonna say that as he aged, he grew out of touch with younger audiences. My Gran loves him, I know others that like him. Hey, maybe you are a fan of him yourself. Although I didn't see any of his shows on Prime television, I did frequently see him when he had his other slot. After a while, his "I know all" attitude got to me, as well annoying traits he had. After a while, I couldn't watch it anymore, he used to get over dramatic and I felt he lost the plot.
Interestingly enough, agrees with my theory. I have a game I play when bored/procrastinating on schoolwork, where I type in a phrase along with the word celebrity. Researching this story, just a few minutes ago (see, I get bored researching the guy let alone dedicating my viewing on him) I played the game. And I'm not kidding, the first nz site result from a search of "lost the plot" + celebrity...featured Holmes.

But of course there was a time, when Holmes was very very powerful, and held a good proportion of the viewing audience share. I guess this shows that as with anything to do with media, things can change. There are so many other ways to get infomation on current affairs. Along with both tvone and tvthree having shows, you can now to go the internet. You can go to reliable news and current affairs based blog communities like whenever you want as opposed to making way in your day to watch a tv show.

Interesting reading about the show is this, from the new zealand herald, February this year. From day three it appears the holmes show looked doomed.
*sourced from the above web address

Although his TV job has been scrapped, he still has his morning slot on NewstalkZB. This year he won the catagory of Best Individual or Team Talk Host or Interviewer – All Markets. So all is not doom and gloom for Holmes. Feel free to discuss this, especially if you are a Holmes fan. Remember that my opinions on him are not shared by everybody so don't get too offended.

Oh, and by the way. I was kidding about Holmes being eye candy. It's hard to express joking around tones on the internet.


At 3:25 PM, Blogger Luke said...

Yep - the perfect face for radio etc. As a newcomer to this land, I found the national affection for Holmes perplexing. He always struck me as a bumbling and inwardly angry old man ('a fuzzy little bundle of impotent rage' to quote a song). But it turns out that the affection wasn't that deep and didn't extend to pointing the finger at a different button on the remote. ZB listeners are welcome to keep him to themselves. Susan Wood has begun to grow on me (hmm, strange mental image) and I even quite like her Politico stand-in with the bushy whiskers. And JC over on 3 is surely the best of the bunch. So, NZ-ers can't complain about the calibre of their current affairs presenters. But the editorial quality of these shows is shocking at times: TV One's story line-up is especially limp. But hey, what do I know? Who got me started on this track anyway?


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