Sunday, September 04, 2005

Camera Phones or Digital Cameras

Camera Phones or Digital Cameras? To my suprise there is no choice between to two. The release of camera phones was thought to led to a decline in Digital Camera sales as shown by the reduction of digital camera prices. It has actually worked in the opposite way according to a study released by research firm IDC . The sale of camera phones with powerful lenses has increased the sales of digital cameras. Due to people learning more about digital photography through the camera phone and in turn people are becoming more interested in the technology and this leds to them buying a digital camera as well as owning there Camera phones. We live in a traditional society and people still feel the need for capturing important family and holiday photos with a regular camera rather than a Camera Phone. This shows the way in which culture impacts on new technologies popularity within society. Though there is a continual increase in the use of the camera phone the digital camera still continues to dominate the market.


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