Sunday, September 04, 2005

another interesting article

I want to make a quick comment on another article i read in the New Zealand Herald during the week. This was on the development of the Korean version of the iPod, called the iAudio x5. This gives the iPod a bit of competition which is has not yet really received. It has a 1.8 inch colour screen, 20 gigabyte hard drive. This little music player has the ability to be a music player, video player, can tune in FM radio and heres the tricky bit, 'fairly good voice recorder encoding recorded audio as mp3 files'. I am not sure if iPod can do this, but it seems fairly impressive technology to me. The article also states that that iAudio can connect to your computer through a USB 2.0 cable, and is recognised immediately by Windows XP. The iAudio is a tiny device, it shuffles your songs for you. The cost? A little more expensive than iPod at $608 for the iAudio X5 compared to its match in iPod Photot at $528. The other model option in the iAudio U2 version is $352 compared to the iPod Shuffle at $250. But is it not worth it to have the radio tuner and voice recorder as well? This new form of music technology may give the iPod a bit of healthy competition that it well and truly needed.


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