Saturday, September 03, 2005


WWW, the World Wide Web. This acronym could not be more true. I just returned from the island kingdom of Tonga a few hours ago. In my seven days there, I saw some truly amazing things. The one thing that struck me more than anything, was the internet.

Tonga is what most consider a developing nation. Well over the majority of the people live in poverty. More than half of the money the government spans comes from foreign powers. They are not a third world country, but things are not as comfortable as many are accustomed to. Flicking a light switch does not always equal illumination. The power grid is ify at best. You can forget about hot water. The shower is colder than an ice box, that is if the water is running. Airconditioning is a luxury and for most Tongans so is money.

The picture I have painted here shows a underdeveloped backward society, right? Wrong. The world is at their finger tips. How? The internet. Even in this poor secluded nation the world wide web has reached its shores.


While I was there I learned of the disaster in New Orleans, I checked my email and was able to pay my credit card on line. The power of the internet and its reach is enormous. Even in the least likely place in the world, it has made its mark.

Although Tonga is a quiet kingdom, fairly secluded from the world around it, it is still reachable. Through the internet, this island can touch anywhere.


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