Monday, September 19, 2005

Digital Film

Last weeks lecture on digital film was really interesting. And I think digital film is becoming more and more the mainstream way things are going to get done. When Titanic came out there was huge oohs and aahs about how good the digital film making was and how real the ship looked. Today that kind of technology is easy to achieve. This is kind of amazing considering Titanic was not long released (1997). The lecturer last week posed an interesting question about whether or not digital media has hindered or helped the film industry.
It would be easy to argue for either side, but I personally believe that it has helped the movie makers of today. So many more stories are being able to be made because there are virtually no limits on what a movie maker can have on the screen. This advanced technology has meant more people have the ability to let their creative juices flow and it means audiences are treated to more entertaining resting movies.
And with the way technology continues to advance movies are only going to get more technological based. In proberly not even 20 years time we will look back at Lord of the Rings and see it as basic technology.


At 11:26 PM, Blogger Andrew Cozens said...

A film adaptation of Lord Of The Rings was simply not possible ten, twenty years ago.. at least not in a way that would do justice to the source material, so i for one think the advent of digital cinema and cgi has done great things for the industry, im sure the purists would have something to say about that though :p


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