Sunday, September 18, 2005

I love internet & I love friendster

Everyone must been heard of 'friendster'. Just simply sign it up, and update your personal details on it, such as your location, nationalities, where you studied etc... Of course you can choose to let everyone to be able to viewing these information or not and all these are for free. First when I joined friendship, I just added some close friend, and I thought "oh, it's just something that can meet new people who I don't know..." But never though what's so good about it. Until last time when I was just bored, so start to browsing around my friends profiles and their friends' network. Then something surprised me! I found at least 10 friends that I lost contact with for a quite long time. Not only that, I also found some friend who I never thought will meet again. This huge friendship network amazed me so much. In the old days, if we want to find some lost contact friends, probably take ages to find out by asking others, but now just few click things can be done. All these things I mentioned, many people might knew it before... But since I just had a web conversation with one of the friend that I found on friendster, who I couldn't get in contact with for a while. I'm still kind of in the excited mode. Now I really thank the person who invented these high technologies. It made our life much easier, especially mine!


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