Sunday, September 18, 2005


i was reading an article in a magazine the other day about how the media helped a number of people solve really serious problems in their personal lives. for example, one lady realised, from reading a magazine article (i know this is not exactly "new" media) that she had a disease that she didnt have a clue about and wouldnt have had a clue about if she hadnt read the article. the desease she had (i forget the name) stopped her from being able to have a baby by natural means. she found out from the article that a number of other women had the same problem and managed to find a way around the disease and now has a little son of her own and is very happy. a number of people have talked about the blurring of the boundary between the public and private spheres due to new media and this article shows thatits not only new media that blurs these boundaries but media itself. also the article got me thinking that maybe this blurring is not as bad as we tend to believe. i too hate the idea of people being able to see you while talking on the phone and so makes screening calls so much harder and you have have to make sure you look at least somewhat presentable, which can be a pain when you'd so much rather hang around in your PJs..but there are alot of benefits that come along with these new forms of media that maybe we havent come to realise yet...


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