Sunday, September 18, 2005

GPS (golf precision shot? or global positioning system?)

I've herd a little bit bout GPS on the bloggs earlier on in the semester (the one bout "google earth"). Well the same principles apply for the sure shot GPS. As the tittle suggest to confuse the reader, it is indeed both correct of the particular technology by Tee2Green Technologies (a company which bases its inventions on helping the average golfer or pro golfer). The invention is a small device thats bout the size of average cellphone and pretty stylish in design with a colour LCD screen with buttons and a USB connection for the internet. It utilises GPS to precisely translate your position on the golf course and can determine your exact distance from the pin...even including hills,slopes, bunkers, pretty much anything that changes the distance of the pin and yourself. This device is quite handy for golfers who do not know the distance to the pin and have a hard time calculating the distance physically, its a sure revolution for golf and golfers. The USB connection is there for downloading pre-arranged courses that already have the numbers calculated for you and can save courses that you have used and alter them on your computer for notes and futher details.

However if you're quite serious about golf and a uni student (damn it!) then don't bother purchasing the AUS$ 585.00 device, thats how much it'll set you back, unless you're really talented then I guess you wont even need it. I suggest the new PSP for that amount of cash, cos if you your having a bad day on the golf course at least you have the PSP to keep you from smashing your clubs in half. It definelty looks like a neat and handy bit of technology to have so if you wanna know more I suggest you go to .


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