Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Great example of Anti-Capitalism!

I would recommend checking out the following site:

Go to the "Video" section once you get to the site. I think that it is an awsome portrayal of anti-capitalism and anti-consumerism ideals using digital media. However, the clip is paradoxical as without ardent consumerism it would be unable to exist, which is a common problematising notion for those wishing to express anti-capitalist ideals. How can you reach a wide demographic, with the hopes of educate and enlightening people about the ills of mass consumerism and what it is doing to society, without using the mediums and channels that have been created to promote capitalism or are in fact capitalist themselves?

Anyway, once you let that end of things go this site is a great demonstration about how capitalism permeates society to the point of it being inescapable even in the next life! My favourite part is noticing how the quality and technological advancements pertainting to the TV set correleate to which afterlife the soldier gets to. Hopefully other people will find it entertaining!



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