Sunday, September 18, 2005

The virtual society for professional CGI artists

Hi,everyone.Today,computer generated image are connected more and more tight to our lives .Film director needs CGI technology to render his fantastic idea real ; game designer asks CGI artists to create new character ; air force appeals to CGI artists to make virtual structure of their advanced air fighter and ploice also need help of CGI artists to rebuild criminal process in 3D. The increasing need for so foreseeable that many companies sign contract with good CGI student even they havent graduated .But going to design school is not the only way to become a CGI artists, people can totally do self-study through lots of media and internet is the most popular choice.
When I was studying design in Senior College ,my teacher recommended the site "CG society" to me and loved it at first sight .The gallery collects latest and beautiful CGI work from artists all over the world ; its forum (as it claimed) is the largest and most active online meeting place for the CG industry on the globe ......
I think the best feature that attracted me is its comprehensive ,not only in work(animation , 2D image, 3Dimage) but also in people (from all over the world , professional and amateur .) I remember there is an award-winng work which represents bloodiness of WW2 ,its modeling was done by an Jugoslavian artist ,rendered by a German and a American embellished the whole work. The final work is stunning ,what a cooperation!
It is a good place for all people who love and interest in CGI.


At 11:02 PM, Blogger Andrew Cozens said...

woah, that image looks almost real i doubt it will be long before it becomes impossible to tell the difference between a cgi character and a real life actor (based on apperance) argh the boundaries are falling all around me.. :S


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