Sunday, September 18, 2005

The Digital Picture Frame

This is partially a follow up to the previous post, by Josephine about digital paintings and images. Recently Fujitsu developed a plastic film substrate, which is essentially digital paper.
It enables them to save an image on to the plastic film, which will display with vibrancy much like a high quality LCD display. Except you can then disconnect the power source and the image will remain, giving you a portable flexable paper substitute. Fujitsu hopes to create that fabled 'paperless office' which computers were meant to create originally. The technology is still a few years away from commercial application, but in the future I can expect we'll see billboards, signs and magazines with this feature perhaps. Imagine a magazine which gets delivered to you then you plug it in to renew the subscription? (or alternatively send it back for refreshing, but why bother?)
On the other hand Philips Polymar Vision has created an e-reader, with a rollable display, the Readius has been intergrated into prototype GPS units, book displays, hand held computers and more. Philips doesnt plan to make the devices commercially available, but plans to use them to demonstrate to other partners possible business avenues, so the future is not too far away...
The digital painting is not far off!


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