Thursday, September 15, 2005

Sony's responds on the hack of PSP

As i discussed the hack on sony PSP last post, people trying to install something different on PSP such as desktop changer,emulators, 3rd party software and hack of umd games. Sony's are now force PSP user to upgrade their system software to be able to play the newest UMD games. But hackers seems found another way to slove the problem. Hackers from Italy introduced a programe which called "DEV-Hook", what this program do is it can temprarely do a fake upgrade to the newest version which sony realease, after you playing games, you can resart the PSP and it will back to the old version again. Sony now seems did not find a proper way to treat the new program, but they may realease some more update to stop the 3rd party program running. I will do some follow up as soon as get news.


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