Wednesday, September 14, 2005

secure line networks

anyone else at all familiar with the use of an "anonymizer" network? probably refer to it more as a server of privacy. but however worded, i just saw a bit about it on a news program. this absolutely-guaranteed-private server idea originated as a means of free speech for those in countries or areas that were prohibited from speaking out on their political, religious, etc. opinions.
the original prospect, as many seemed to agree, was a real nice idea. providing opportunity to those who otherwise couldn't speak out with the assurance of not being tagged with authorship.
but this idea led to the use of anonymous server networking for displays of people's innermost. whether necessarily private or not, among the posts appeared confessions of murder, child pedophilia, and various acts of destruction; all displayed and put out in the public display, but carrying no trace (and no means to find out) where the expression came from. also leading to the curiosity of whether or not the expression was one of truth.
perhaps an example of advancement, designed for the benefit and outlook of the general public and decent citizen, but further twisted (and seemingly abused) by the sick minds of some people out there.
further use of the concept is being pushed as some are now wanting the networking simply as a means to keep privacy from co-workers. as people may all be connected to a public network in the work place, what they do or say from their office space may be desirably kept anonymous.
so perhaps an original idea for free-speech expression has grown into some method of criminal display. a method that is altogether too easy to utilize and virtually fool-proof. people's paranoia of being individually found-out is definitely not a factor with the use of these secure-line networks.


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