Monday, September 12, 2005

caution on tech

Specialised ring tones and images has dominanted some of cell phone fans’ lives. No matter when you sit yourself on the bus or you walk in the street, you would hear different kinds of interesting ring tones coming from people’s phones. Ring tone makes our cell phones unique relatively to others’, but meanwhile, it may raise problems as well. Recently, I read a piece of news about a Chinese guy, whose ring tong ruined his future for pursuing studies. This guy is a high school student, who just finished his Bursary and waited for admission from the University. Couple of days later, when he was still waiting, he went to the University he enrolled in and asked for progress. However, after he showed his ID number, the stuff asked. “Why didn’t you answer my phone when I rang, and you said ‘I just don’t want to answer your phone, damn you,’ It is you who don’t want our school, so why do you come here and complain me about it?” After hearing this, the guy realised that it is not him, it is his ring tone, which said “I just don’t want to answer your phone, damn you” has grabbed the chance he enter in this University. He was regret but he could not do anything to rescue his future. After seeing this news, I started to feel anxious and immediately checked all my cell phones’ ring tones to see if they could cause me any trouble or not. At the same time, I think not only ring tone, but broadly saying, modern technology could do both goodness and evil to our life. So don’t be over relay on technology. Be caution to the ring tone, and be consciousness to fascinated technology.


At 10:00 AM, Blogger Kevin said...

Interesting. I'm curious as to how someone ringing the phone heard the ringtone, but it's possible it was also within the automated message for when calls aren't picked up.

I also think that the man in question has a legitimate reason for complaint, as the whole problem is based on a misunderstanding and one of the university staff being thin-skinned.

It's a tough job, but that's not an excuse to screw someone around like this. It at least needs reexamination by someone else.

- Kevin.

At 11:55 PM, Blogger minnie said...

Is it a ringtone or voicemail??


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