Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Keeping In Touch

Yesterday a friend of mine handed me a disk with photos from his digital camera of a party I threw on Friday night. I had promised to pass these photos on to people, so I resized them and was going to email them around instead I decided to upload them on Ringo. Ringo is one of two sites (the other called Bebo) which I singed up to after receiving emails from a friend, it keeps a list of all your friends, which you add by sending emails, and as long as they keep the site updated you stay updated with their contact details, very handy to simply change details on one place than sending out many emails. These sites also allow you to upload photo albums and create blogs. So why did I decide to use this service to upload my photos, simply because only my friends can see them, it's easier than trying to email them which I always have found a hassle especially with hotmail and better than posting them on any sort of publicly accessible site (you never know when your little corner of the net will be displayed in a media studies class) it seems like a good way to share my photos with my friends. Although Ringo has it's good points about been an address book that will update itself I have already found one glaring problem, what if your friends don't update their details? You can't change them, already I am aware of some people with out of date cell phone numbers recorded. So now having an address book to store email address is not enough, there are whole sites dedicated to keeping you in touch and up-to-date with your friends, however it will never help good old human laziness, for each friend who uploads photos and keeps info up to date I have 10 who will probably never visit the site again.


At 3:07 PM, Blogger Andrew Cozens said...

Heh, funny i just signed up to Ringo two seconds before checking the blog :p i am also a member of Hi5 and Bebo but don't really use them that much, i only signed up to Ringo because i have been getting friend requests in my inbox and they are pissing me off so i thought if i sign up they might stop :p Don't know if i will use it much, we will see :)


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