Sunday, September 18, 2005

Instant Messaging anywhere anytime - IMFree - not anymore

When we think of Instant messaging we may think of MSN Messenger and of course our cellular phones which then stir connotations of brand names such as Nokia and Motorola (and the flashest phones out) and emoticons for MSN (and upgraded versions with all the bells and whistles such as wallpapers) However now there is a new place and space to do one's instant messaging with all the features and bells and whistles and it is fast becoming very popular in the United States. The IMFree Wireless Device allows anyone to instantly message away from the PC using a standard keyboard so no waiting a brief second on your cellphone when you want to type a simple word such as 'NO'. The IMFree device from Motorola (the major manufacturer) allows users to feed off their home-based internet connection and be completely wireless and free to roam about their house and even street (up to 150 metres) without being tied to PC. This eases up your cell phone bill as well and take a standard dial-up Xtra plan for $30 or so and it's relatively cheap unlimited messaging - no $10 restrictions! The possibilities for Instant Messaging and instant communications now mean that our private lives and indeed our privates selves are becoming increasingly mixed into the public world and communications network wish in itself is becoming multifaceted and allowing us to become constantly on-call or on-demand for a chat with anyone. Want lunch with your best friend who lives next door? Why not simply stay in your armchair and IM them - perhaps include a PXT or two of your sandwiches for that extra flavour of virtual reality...Instant Messaging...IMFREE, indeed it seems like an irony - you'll never be free again with this device!
Check out this article at MSNBC @ and Motorola's web-site for the IMFree device @


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