Friday, October 21, 2005

Mobile phone

Traditional media are losing the market share to those so called new media, such as mobile phone. As a new media, Mobile phone develops faster than the other traditional media. But I think mobile phone still has some weak affects to improve. First of all, I think mobile phone has its own terminal restriction. Because only those are able to support colorful TXT may read “mobile news” and receive other mobile advertisements. But the percentage of such mobile phone is not high enough which means only a few consumers are enjoying the convenience brought by mobile phone. Secondly, the initial experience of reading that kind of “Mobile news” decides the consumer’s attitude. The development of “mobile news” is still in the first stage. As a result, those “Mobile news” cannot match some certain features of mobile media, such as speediness and directness. So the production of “Mobile media” still has a long way to go. Lastly, the reception of mobile media is comparatively small. The majority of the reception are highly educated and from middle or high class of the society. So the coverage rates for the mobile media are not as high as the traditional media such as TV. But I still believe, maybe several years later, mobile phone will become one of the most powerful media and communication tool.



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