Thursday, October 20, 2005

The technology revolution.

During the course and this semester or since I started Uni for that matter, I have noticed just how interconnected everything is and how technology is the front-runner for discussion. Yesterday I had to finish a journal article for my European 100 paper, and as sat down to write it, I realized that even as I talked about Europe and its evolution from an empire to solitary states and back to a politically and geographically united Europe, technology was somehow involved. From the industrial revolution in the late eighteenth century to the French revolution, where equality was fought for and identities were created all because of the rise of a coffee houses, print media and the social aspect and new political ideologies that were established and which are very much still continue in today’s modern society. Technology regardless of its shape or form whether it is primeval or contemporary has been important not only academically and economically but socially as well. Because with great inventions there has been pessimism but more importantly a sense of optimism and discovery, which allows us to create new inventions through a process of trial and error, and before we are aware another technological gadget has been created. One example of this is Alexander Graham Bell’s invention of the telephone, which was the beginning of a communication revolution and still continues today with wireless Internet connections.


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