Thursday, October 20, 2005

Wax Mail

Wax mail allows you to reply to your outlook express emails by using your own voice. It enables the recording of your voice based on MP3 format to be added to the reply and sent with it. This is a useful tool for any busy communicator, it is not the first of its kind but has being the first produce the feature in a effective functional way. It does so by having a small, easy to use tool bar which becomes apart of the microsoft outlook express interface. Wax mail is ready to use no matter how busy you are due to the recorder window being well designed for great usability. It blends into the background and getting your task done is managed by two simple buttons always at your disposal. It is a simple and effective feature. This is an example of a space on the web that has being organised so that it is easy to navigate. It works well for the genre as its purpose is to be purely functional.


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