Thursday, October 20, 2005

My 2 cents on the Video I-Pod

With all the posts about Apple and their new Video I-Pod, I’ve decided to put my in 2 cents.

Personally, all the hype for the product seems to be nothing more than the typical over-hyping of a “hot” item. The Video I-Pod, when compared to other portable multimedia devices, seems to be extremely restrictive. Apple have ensured that only files purchased off their I-Tunes site can be viewable on the device (as well as raw .mpegs, I think). So, apart from the cache, what is the point in owning the new Video I-Pod? None, in my opinion.

Going for the myriad of other portable multimedia devices (that also play videos, and aren’t as restrictive) seems to be a better option. Besides, who actually wants to watch something on that tiny screen?

At any rate, I’m sure Apple is going to sell a truckload of these in the holiday season. Hurrah for marketing.


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