Thursday, October 20, 2005

intertwining themes

Sitting in a friend’s room the other day, I picked up her copy of Angels and Demons by Dan Brown. Waiting around before heading out, I browsed the first few pages. I was definitely hooked and have not been able to put it down in the past few days. And from the start of my reading, the book has been a popular connector day to day. With the content of the book and also current events, it seems there are many intertwining themes of technology present. In other words, people know the book and its possibilities obviously have relevance to modern time.
In today’s lecture, Luke brought up the name of Tim Berners Lee. This man is also noted in the first few pages of the book: credited for the “invention of the Worldwide Web.”
I was lying in the grass reading the other day and two people in passing randomly commented on the book’s “greatness.”
Overall, the writing is unbelievable; fairly intense and real captivating chapter to chapter. The aspects of scientific and technological advancements, certain supposed conspiracies, and various nations' governmental action all play a part. A great book so far and I am excited to get through it.


At 9:41 AM, Blogger Josephine said...

Thanks for the reconmendation. I might look it up.


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