Thursday, October 20, 2005

Internet Access in Italy

Internet access in Italy now requires you to have your passport when using internet cafe's. Internet cafe owners must verify the persons first and last name along with time in which they start using the computer and the specific computer being used. Also the files and applications being used and the web pages visited and how long spent on them is tracked. This then can be analysed by the police. The new law states that those in charge of managing and providing public communications services, need to make photocopies of the passport of every customer coming to use them, be that Internet, phone or fax. The law was created after the recent London bombings for the purpose to prevent terrorist attacks. The new law brings up the issue of access in most countries staying connected is becoming easier allowing people to accesss information and keep in contact with family and friends. However in Italy it has become harder due to many tourists who do not carry their passports around with them all the time and also being discouraged by thier online activity being tracked.


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