Thursday, October 20, 2005

Home Entertainment

Media like television, music, movies, games, home video, and still photographs are available in various electronic forms including digital which is the most modern and prolific. Because of this compression into one versatile form it has become possible for information storage manufacturers like Maxtor to diversify. Not only will Maxtor provide internal and external computer storage devices for computers but now also entertainment systems based upon stand alone hard drives.

This means that the consumer will have all the benefits of a huge storage space for their digital information without the need for a computer. This device a ‘Shared Storage Plus Drive’ advertised by Maxtor called a will hold from 200GB through to half a Terabyte (!) of digital information depending on how much you are prepared to spend.

The recommend retail is US$300 for the 200GB and US$500 dollars for the 500GB model. This is very inexpensive considering that this will also run satellite screens and sound systems in various rooms of your house completely independent of one another. You can be watching a recorded television programme in one room and listening to music in another room and the source for all of them will be this one device. Maxtor rightly describes this as their ‘digital home entertainment server’ as the information can be picked up wirelessly like personal computers on a server network. But unlike these networks no active P.C. is required. The programmes required for this system can be updated for free on the Maxtor website.


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